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LCA Cricket Coaching Ltd provides first class coaching to a wide range of children across the UK. We deliver fun and innovative cricket coaching sessions that are geared towards each and every child fulfilling their potential as a cricketer. We work closely with clubs, schools and county age group coaches to aid the development of each child and maximise their opportunity of becoming the next big star!

LCA Cricket Coaching have teamed up with Funky and to ensure the cricketing community in the South can pair up both excellence in their equipment and excellence in coaching.

With the right bat and the right coaching your already one step ahead of the game.  

LCA Cricket Coaching

LCA Cricket Coaching

Funky Sports

Our junior cricket coaching courses have proven to be an amazing success at a variety of venues and with different age groups. Our current and upcoming cricket courses can be seen here - cricket coaching courses

Each course is tailored to the specific needs of the club, school or organisation and each cricket coaching course is delivered by at least one of our team of professional coaches - our coaches.

Most importantly, each cricket course is designed not only to provide top quality cricket coaching but is delivered to give everyone who takes part an enjoyable and memorable experience by skilled professionals who are passionate about the game and the fun and enjoyment cricket can bring to all ages.

If you would like any further information on any of our courses or would like to arrange a cricket course then please contact us

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